Secure Your Business: 5 Easy Steps

Directions: Management should ask their IT department to review the minimum-security standards highlighted below and report back on any security vulnerabilities that could be implemented across the entire organization.

1. Secure Ransomware Threat
Ransomware’s biggest threat to your organization is destroying
essential data to operate. Back up, encrypt, and secure logins.
✓ Cloud Storage: Locally Back Up Data (NAS)
✓ CRM Data & Email Data: Back Up Data in the Cloud
✓ Local Data: Encrypt Windows | Mac & Back Up Windows | Mac
✓ Enable Multi-Factor Authentication on Critical Operating Systems:
✓ CRM: SalesForce Authenticator
✓ Email: Microsoft Authenticator
✓ Cloud Storage: DUO Authenticator

2. Secure Employees
Control employee security standards on the corporate level.
✓ Set Up a Corporate Password Manager: LastPass
✓ Require Generated Security Passwords
✓ Ensure Employees have a “Strong” Security Score
✓ Do Not Allow Passwords to be Saved in Web Browser
✓ Automatically Block Malicious Websites: Require DNS Blocker
✓ Require Ad Blockers on Web Browsers: AdBlock
✓ Implement Mandatory Monthly Software Updates
✓ Anti-Virus, Microsoft Office, Computer, and Phone Software

3. Secure Phishing Threat
Purposely phish employees, set up a security gateway,
and stop hackers from impersonating your emails.
✓ Run Monthly Phishing Tests on Employees: CyberRiskAware
✓ Send Violations Reports to Management
✓ Stop Incoming Phishing Threats: Security Gateway Providers
✓ Stop Outgoing Phishing Threats: Set Up DMARC

4. Secure Company Website
Identify & correct security faults on your website.
✓ Add SSL/TLS Encryption: ImmuniWeb
✓ CMS Vulnerabilities & Website Compliance: ImmuniWeb
✓ Update CMS Plugins
✓ Update Web Server Software & HTTP Headers
✓ Ensure Regulatory Compliance (GDPR, PCI)

5. Secure Bank Accounts & Fund Transfers
Secure bank access & require transfer security protocols.
✓ Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Bank Login
✓ Use a Bank Tokenized Keyfob (highest level of security)
✓ On New Transfers, Require Call Back Procedure Prior to Transfer
✓ Require a 2nd Internal Signature on Transfers Over a Certain
Minimum Dollar Threshold (E.G. – $10,000.00)

*For full security measures, please consult your I.T. company or specialist
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